I want to relive that moment of yours.

The Legacy of uneventful loving moments.

The emphasis of my photography will always be the natural interaction of my subjects. While in every session I strive to capture the formal portrait that every grandparent will keep ​on their mantle of everyone's smiling face toward the camera, I also encourage my clients to relax, and to realize they do not always have to smile and look at the camera if they do not think it will feel natural.Together my clients and I curate every detail of the session together from the make up, outfit, venue and time of the day, with the intention of creating heirloom quality family portraits.

I love clean compositions that do not overwhelm the eye. I work with clients to create the timeless and elegant look.


The best time to book is 28 -32 weeks into pregnancy.


The best time for the shoot is when the baby is 7-10 days old

What I’m looking for is that portrait that goes beyond the face. I look to capture the essence of my subject, their soul, their being. years from now, I want the people who love my subjects to recall those little moments...whether it is glow of the afternoon sun on their skin, the wind catching their hair, the their gentle gaze while looking at you, the way they laughed, the warmth of their hugs, the tiny little fingers or even those little crinkles of their nose. In the delicate memories of people we love we want to remember them no matter how many years have passed.


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